Does your scalp itch, or are you experiencing dryness?

BRUSH IT IN offers a full line of ALL NATURAL


100% VEGAN hair care, color, & styling products from OWAY (Organic Way). OWAY is the first nourishing


ammonia free coloring system with biodynamic & organic oils, activated with a fluid developer based on


Illipe butter.  The Illipè butter infusion protects and reintegrates the hair stem, leaving hair SOFT, SHINY and


HYDRATED. The biodynamic Hibiscus extract is rich in anthocyanins (flavonoides), organic acids, carbohydrates, and  most importantly


vitamins. The powerful antioxidants in Hibiscus protects the hair from free radical & external aggressions while strengthening the hair structure. 


Are you noticing that your hair is thinning out?


The organic Perilla oil is rich in fatty acids which nourishes hair fibers & polishes the stem. Perilla oil


soothes while calming the scalp at the same time. A Golden Nugget, Perilla has elevated presence of


flavonoids that acts as an ANTI-AGING agent coupled with Date Oil that nourishes while improving the structure of one's hair


fiber overtime. BRUSH IT IN is proud to support an eco-friendly minded, sustainable, & fair trade company such as OWAY. I


know that by purchasing these products I will not only be providing the HIGHEST QUALITY hair care, color, & styling products possible,


but I will also be contributing to the economical safety of several families in the village of Burkina Faso. Come join the movement


towards a healthier hair, scalp, & mind. Book your appointment and see why the holistic experience at BRUSH IT IN is top notch. 


Hey Ladies, Are You Looking for a VEGAN hairstylist?

BRUSH IT IN believes that beauty should not be harmful to yourself or the planet. I distribute only the highest performance, healthiest, most natural, and gentalist products available. 


“Thanks Lauren, Love my hair! Thank you also for the Christmas sweet of you :) Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!” 


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