BRUSH IT IN offers a full line of ALL NATURAL


VEGAN hair care, color, & styling products from OWAY (Organic Way). OWAY is the first award winning


ammonia- free coloring system artfully created with biodynamic botanicals & organic essential oils. It's nourishing plant butter base is


formulated to reduce the risk of allergies and enhance the health of your hair, scalp, and mind. Their ammonia- free cream lightener is


blended with Kukui butter, Perilla essential oil, Lavender essential oil, and Fair Trade Date oil. *Fair Trade means that the ingredient was


obtained in an ethical way where the farmers get paid fair wages and work in safe conditions! These golden nuggets soften and protect


the hair from damage while comforting and calming even the most sensitive scalps.  OWAY's products take root on the family's


biodynamic farms in Bologna, Italy where they hand grow, pick, and distill pure organic extracts, essential oils, and hydrolates with ZERO


CHEMICALS OR PESTICIDES! Thair farming system views the farm, the farmer, the animals, and Earth as a self-contained and self-


sustaining organism where the health and well-being is number one priority. This creates stronger and purer plants that are a step


above organic. I AM  proud to support an ethical, eco-friendly, and sustainable company such as OWAY. I know that by purchasing


these products I will not only be providing the HIGHEST QUALITY hair care possible, but I will also be contributing to the economical


safety and support of our planet and Mother Earth! 


Hi Ladies, I Use Products That Are Safe For The Environment,Animals,And Ourselves!

BRUSH IT IN believes that beauty should not be harmful to yourself or the planet. I distribute only the highest performance, healthiest, most natural, and gentalist products available. 

“Thanks Lauren, Love my hair! Thank you also for the Christmas sweet of you :) Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!” 



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