Lauren Sulsky-Holistic Hairstylist  

My name is Lauren Sulsky and I've been a hairstylist since 2015. My journey started in late 2013 when I was working as a Registered Veterinary Technician (RVT). While I loved working with animals and thrived in this field for many years, I knew it was not my passion. 

With having this desire to explore the hair world, I applied for cosmetology school and let the universe take it from there. Five months later I was accepted to begin their fall semester program and decided to leave teching behind for good. Upon graduation, I was offered an apprenticeship at Studio M Salon where I implemented the knowledge and techniques I learned from cosmetology school and honed in on a newfound love for natural hair color! I studied, learned, and immersed myself into modern day creative color techniques from industry leaders Jamie Sea @prettylittleombre and Marissa Neel @maeipaint where I gained exceptional skills in advanced color placement, Balayage, and dimensional blonding. Balayage, aka hair painting, is a freehand coloring technique and my most favorite to use in the salon. It gives you soft, natural sunkissed highlights with no harsh or obvious regrowth lines. My goal was/and is to make sure everything looks soft, blended, and natural looking so clients could enjoy their color for months and have very little maintenance

I felt a huge calling to go beyond just giving beautiful hair. It was my promise and dedication to respect the health of the mind, body, planet, and animals at all times. I went on to create BRUSH IT IN,  my holistic hair home where I can connect with individuals on a deeper level and immerse them into multi-sensory, non-toxic salon experiences. 


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